The No! No! Hair Removal Phenomenon Explained

Beauty is now dictated by fashion gurus and trendy celebrities who have set the standard to be exact and very detailed. Take for example, The removal of body and facial hair. Body hair in certain areas is acceptable in men, but unacceptable in women. Woe then to the woman who inherits more genes from a hairy father than from her mother. She is destined to be ridiculed or felt to be less than a desirable woman.

A woman can go against this standard, or find ways to work out of the “problem.” This would mean looking for hair ablation methods, hair removal creams, or machines that reduce body and facial hair. Take your pick because with so many methods available,women (and men) who find themselves in this situation will gaze in wonder at the beauty section in the pharmacy, department store, or even supermarket which is teeming with all kinds of hair eradication products.

And now, there’s the convenient internet where new products can be found that are not available anywhere else, Items like the no! no! hair removal system. The no! no! hair treatment uses the patented hand-held hair eradication machine that has been certified to be 100% safe and effective. It will reduce the amount of body and facial hair without the side effects like rashes, redness, inflammation, ingrown hair, and razor cuts.

Without having to pay for hair reducing services in a hair ablation clinic, you get to keep your money. Buying the No! No! hair removal system will only cost a fraction of what you will spend on laser removal of hair or electrolysis, and you get to own unit to use whenever you please. Currently, the No! No! hair removal system is being recognized to as the best hair removal option for men and women who have tried it all, and remain disappointed and hairy.

Cost aside for this No! No! hair removal system, it is the high level performance and durability of this hair removal device that keeps users happy. With an astounding 94% reduction on hair growth, you can’t find anything better. However, you can test it yourself if you want. The 60 day trial offer will be enough time for you to determine if it works or not. Women and men suffering through life with excessive hair growth are now seeing light, and appreciating value for money with the No! No! hair system.

There Is No Such Thing As A Puppy Cut

“I would like a puppy cut please,” says Bella’s mom the owner of an adorable Maltese. Quick – look at the cringe form along the groomers face as they are thinking, “What does that mean???” There is no ‘standard term’ in the grooming industry for a puppy cut. Each groomer interprets it differently and this is where the confusion lies. To Bella’s mom, it sounds simple enough but to the groomer, this can lead to a bad haircut, an unhappy client and a misunderstanding that can make the groomer look incompetent. So now the series of questions begin:

What length do you want?

Do you want the legs longer than the body?

Do you want the face and head round or square?

Do you like long ears or short ears?

Do you like the muzzle tight?

And 15 other questions generated from that simple statement… “I want a puppy cut.”

I sort of lied above. There is a Puppy Cut for Poodles. The definition of this clip is to shave the face clean, shave the feet (poodle feet), and create a tail band. A true puppy cut does not remove any length off the body. But based on the description above, I find it very unlikely that is what Bella’s mom wants.

Somewhere along the line, Bella’s mom heard the term and thought… “Gee, I want my pet to look like a puppy all the time!” That makes sense, and that look can still be achieved by a groomer, but many other questions need to be addressed to achieve the look she wants.

“But my past groomer used to say Puppy Cut. Why is it wrong then?”

Chances are, your groomer just goes along with what you say, instead of educating you, the pet owner. I know personally that I have addressed thousands of clients on the puppy cut debacle! Sometimes it’s laziness and sometimes, well, the groomer just doesn’t have the time to educate the owner. But my guess is they went through the series of questions to figure out exactly what you wanted.

How your groomer looks at your dog.

When a groomer is checking in your pet, they are breaking your pet’s body down into categories to determine the haircut you desire. Think of it like a big puzzle and we are slowly putting the pieces together to achieve the desired look. Here is how your groomer looks at your dog:

The body

The body is defined as the trunk of your dog, excluding legs and feet. It is here that groomers want to know how much hair you want left on your pet. Break out those rulers because it’s time to learn what an inch is! A running joke in all salons is when a pet owner says, “I want about 2 inches left on the body” when their pet only has a quarter of an inch of hair! To avoid being the butt of groomers jokes, it is much better to use your fingers as an indicator of how much coat you want left on your pet. A groomer will then translate that into the proper blade to use.

There is no one standard length for puppies or puppy cut. Speaking with groomers all around the country, their definition of the length of a puppy cut varies from a quarter of an inch to 2 inches. That is a huge range. Stick with your fingers and show how much coat you went left on.

Legs and feet.

The next area of the body that a groomer examines is the legs and feet. Owners can make the decision to leave the legs a little longer than the trunk of the body. This creates a sort of ‘teddy bear look.’ Some owners just prefer to have the same length all over so please indicate which one you prefer during the consultation period. It is important to note that longer legs can mean a higher probability for matting.

Recognize your pet’s lifestyle and how often you brush in-between grooming appointments. If at-home maintenance is not an issue, then consider this adorable look. Same with feet. Some clients prefer round, thick feet while others do not want their pet tracking in mud. Let your groomer know your concerns and they will make it happen.

The tail and back side

Does your dog make messes on itself when using the bathroom? Do they drag their tail through all the leaves in your yard? These are concerns that need to be addressed with your groomer. We can create a tighter touche to keep your pet’s back-end neater. Or do you prefer the fluffier butt and long tail? Let your groomer know what look you like back here as well.

The headpiece

Excluding the ears, a groomer wants to know the overall shape you want to leave the head. How much hair do you prefer on top of the head? (Do you want enough hair to go into a bow?) What about the bangs (also know as visor)? Do you prefer the muzzle hair longer, shorter, rounder or more square? This is a good point in the conversation to indicate whether or not your pet’s facial hair gets matted and dirty while eating and drinking. If this is the case, like the back side, a groomer can go shorter in this area to keep it cleaner longer.

The ears and eyelashes

The final piece of the puzzle is your preference for the ears and eyelashes. Indicate if you would like short or long ears, rounded, bobbed, or shaved off entirely. Same with the eyelashes. If you do not want them cut off say so! A groomer will typically remove eyelashes unless told otherwise.

Similar to hairdressers, groomers need to identify many aspects to get the haircut right. While your hairdresser wants to know where you part your hair, how much length to take off and what to do for bangs and around the ears, a groomer has to determine what you want for an entire body of your baby. Like hairdressers, there are no Universal Names of Haircuts that explain exactly what you want.

Now you know

Understanding how your groomer is looking at your pet and interpreting what you want, is a great way to bridge the communication gap that happens so often when describing the haircut you want. If you could break down your beloved pooch into sections and relay what you want for each, you are well on your way to a successful haircut! And so when you’re groomer says, “Oh you want a puppy cut… “

You can laugh and say, “There is no such thing as a Puppy Cut!”

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Cancer isn’t for wimps. We have to endure shots, blood tests, pills, nausea, body aches, and many more discomforts. Along with the physical discomforts there are also emotional pains of facing cancer. The most emotional aspect of my cancer journey was my hair loss. It was emotional not because of my outward appearance, but rather the hair loss was a very visual reminder of my sickness. My hair loss brought home the reality that I do indeed have cancer.

In order to brace myself for my hair loss, I made sure that I had a wig ready for when I needed it. My fashion conscious daughters, Heidi age 16 and Steph age 13 helped me choose a wig that matched my hair color and style. They also had fun imagining their mom with long flowing locks of blond hair, or a curly, red, Shirley Temple style. We made jokes about hair to lighten the mood for that fateful day. Heidi said one evening “I heard that the longer that people are married, the more they start to look like each other” I’ve been married to my loving but bald husband for almost twenty years. Soon we looked like two bookends when we sat on the sofa together.

The day I was dreading, despite the joking around, finally came. Just two weeks after my first chemo treatment, my hair fell out in clumps and my scalp hurt like a bad sunburn. I decided to get a “G.I. Jean” buzz cut to relieve the pressure on my head and to eliminate the mess in the shower. I shed a few tears as I saw my dark brown hair falling to the floor. But I felt a sense of relief. I also felt a wave of reality sweep over me as I realized that I really do have cancer. In the early days of diagnosis, it took a while for the truth to set in. With the onset of hair loss, there was no denying it.

When my daughters saw my new haircut they reacted in very different ways. Heidi, was very quick to share the scientific reasons why my hair was falling out. “The chemo kills off cells that reproduce like digestive cells, hair cells and thankfully cancer cells.” Steph on the other hand, shed a few tears and wished I could just skip the hair loss part of chemo. She even snuck into my bathroom, and dug out some of my hair from the wastebasket, put it in a baggie and saved it so that she could always remember what my hair used to look like. Despite the emotions, the joking still goes on and I just join in the fun. After receiving the last cup of coffee in the pot I stated “This coffee is so strong it could grow hair on my chest. Oh, wait a minute. It can’t!”

Just as we are all unique, we will react differently to our treatments and our treatments will react differently toward us. Keeping a positive attitude can go a long way toward easing the pain. I have found that humor can be found in even the most emotional aspects of treatment. A good laugh can lift the spirits and heal the soul. No matter what cancer throws my way, I have to battle it with everything I’ve got, including my sense of humor. After all my hair loss is only temporary, but my life is forever.