Fashion Scrapbooking

Another way to become a fashion authority is to suggest looks. Start to collect pictures from fashion magazines with the latest wearable looks. Keep a scrapbook for yourself and/or for your customers which shows what is hot on the runways. Then look at your jewelry and pair them with some of the outfits. Literally, take the magazine photographs and place one or two pieces of your jewelry on top of them to show a complete “look”, as if you were actually accessorizing the models behind the scenes.

When your customers come to you to buy something, show them what is in fashion – and see if you can suggest an outfit for them to wear. You don’t have to suggest they go out and spend thousands of dollars on high-fashion couture. The secret to being truly in style is not about how much money you spend. It is about how you can adapt the looks and make them work for you.

With a little research, your customers can find fabulous, trendy clothes at a fraction of the price and look like a million dollars. Find out the best places in your area, such as the neighborhood vintage clothing stores, and keep a list handy, so you can give them out to your customers. Ask them to actually bring in a couple of their own outfits to your store that they were thinking of wearing.

Suggest new ways of putting them together, if necessary; for instance a pair of wide-leg trousers (very hot right now!) with a tank top and multiple over-sized bracelets. Pair outfits up with your own jewelry.

You will eventually become a source of information and style for your customers which cannot help but result in increased sales. They will look to you for fashion inspiration and authority – again building a stronger relationship with that customer going forward.

Why Certain Fashions Are Not Right For You

Getting the latest fashion is a habit for many people who try to keep up with current trends. Different fashions are available in the market and are designed to reach various target groups. This allows the brand to make maximum profits. However, it is important to buy the right clothing for you, which compliment your body and help you excel in your everyday life.

Some fashion will not work for you because of the following reasons;


When a certain line of fashion is introduced into the market, it is often available in different colors. There are brands only available in limited colours which may not do justice to your skin. Dull colors in a fashion line can make a pale person look dull and vibrant colors make the skin glow. You can request for professional help to determine the right colour of clothing for you. You would be amazed how choosing the right colour clothing can transform your look.

Body type

There are different types of body shapes. Some fashions targeting the slender population will not be ideal for you if you have curves. The design of the bodice of a top heavy person will hang on a more petite person. Knowing your measurements will come in handy when you go shopping. The wardrobe bought should complement your assets and hide your flaws to look faultless as you step out to begin your day. If you have an hourglass figure then choose outfits that pinch you at the waste to show off your curves. Likewise if you no curves at all then often loose fitting baby doll dresses work well.

Age appropriate

Designers come up with fashion lines ideal for a specific group. Mature models will find that the more fitted the item of clothing the better it looks. Young fashions tend to me not as well made.

Stripes and poker dots

Stripes both vertical and horizontal have been in the market for a long time and are making a come back on catwalk. Vertical stripes make one look taller and the horizontal ones make someone appear bigger. Wearing the wrong one can have a devastating outcome for you. Poker dots are adored by many people for that party mood when on vacation; they don’t look good on some body types.

Materials used in the fashion line

Some clingy materials used in some clothes fashion lines are very attractive but do not hide the body faults of the wearer. If you want to go for a clingy lycra material, then body con is a fantastic option as it really holds you in.

Personal style

Personal style is developed over the years, to stand out as an individual. Many fashion lines are mass-produced and you are likely to meet someone wearing the same thing as you. Accessorizing the wardrobe may not create much difference. If you are looking for a unique style, custom made clothing by a skilled designer is the way to go OR try customizing an old T shirt r denim jacket yourself using studs or sequins.

How to keep clean

Outfits bought have instructions on how to launder. It is vital you follow the instructions on them as you do not want to spoil an expensive item. If it says “dry clean only” then unfortunately you will have to lay out some more money every time you want to get it cleaned. Always read the cleaning instructions before you buy an item, especially if its expensive because you don’t want to be stuck with a dress that cost you a fortune and that no dry cleaner will touch in fear of damaging it!

Kids and Fashion Jewelry and Costume Jewelry

When you were a kid, did you like to try on all of your mother’s fashion jewelry and costume jewelry? I think every young girl did this at least once in their childhood. It could be a fun experience invading your mother’s closet and trying on all of her clothes, shoes, jewelry, and makeup. Especially if she has a big closet, the adventures could be endless.

Imagine you are five years old and you just adore your mother. You go with her everywhere. You go with her to the supermarket, mall, gym, and just to run day to day errands. It is like Disneyland every day of your life. If your mother is like your queen, imagine if you had access to the most valuable room in her castle…the closet. Your mother’s closet is just a great treasure box ready to be opened.

In that treasure box you find an endless amount of shoes. You try on each pair of shoes and walk around as if they really fit you and you really look good in them. Meanwhile you are tripping every step that you take. Then you find her cardigans but they are very high for you to reach. So you stack up some boxes high up so you can take them down off of the hangers. You try on each cardigan your mother owns. She probably owns about twenty so this may take a long time.

Then to the pants and skirts. There are also many of these. So you try on each pair one at a time. When you are getting tired, you realize there is so much more to be done. You still have yet to crack the jewelry box and makeup. Your mother has a fancy jewelry box filled with all sorts of glittering treasures. As you start to think about what you will try on first, you notice some big sunglasses next to the mirror and a wide brimmed hat. So you try those on too. There are diamond earrings in her jewelry box, pearl necklaces, emeralds, and rubies. All sorts of precious stones and silver and gold you take notice of.

You try on all of her jewelry at once. Then for the makeup. She has at least ten different shades of lipstick so you try on one at a time, each time wiping the previous coat off. Then there is blush and a huge brush you use to apply it. Then all sorts of colors of eye shadow. You have fun just examining the different colors and making different color combinations as if you are preparing to paint a painting.

Raiding your mother’s closet is just about one of the most fun things a young girl could do with her free time. Your mother’s fashion jewelry and costume jewelry are like buried treasures and a young girl could spend hours or even days examining these precious jewels. All of her diamonds and pearls and precious stones seem so precious to a young girl.