Mystery Shopping For Online Retailers – A New Way to See Your Business Through Your Customers’ Eyes

If you’re an online retailer, there is some good news in the holiday forecast – reports show that online shopping will increase this year due to many factors in the current economic situation, with a 10% increase in online buyers as compared to 2007. However, consumers are also going to be more selective as far as where they shop. Bargains and discounts will be the main focus, but usability and information provided by online retailers will also play a big part in a consumer’s decision to purchase. Is your site ready for the holiday season?

Online customer service is just as important, if not more so, than customer service provided in brick and mortar businesses. If a consumer is dissatisfied with a website, it is easier to close out of the site and go somewhere else than leaving if they are already in a store. This is the time that online retailers need to focus on customer service.

Online customer service varies from traditional brick and mortar customer service in a few ways. First, it is not only focused on employee interactions, professionalism, and knowledge. Online consumers want to shop at sites that are easy to navigate and offer the ability to quickly find items of interest. Furthermore, they want a simple, effective purchase process and options on methods of purchasing, whether it be completing an online transaction or placing an order via telephone. Finally, if they have questions, they want an easy way to contact the company with a quick response.

It can be difficult to continually monitor your online store to make sure the site is functional, not experiencing downtime, and everything is working properly. This is a challenge that can cost retailers revenue and consumer traffic, especially during the holiday season when consumers are rushed and feeling the pressure of holiday buying. Many online retailers are turning to mystery shopping programs as a method to monitor and evaluate their online customer service.

Mystery shopping programs can offer insight into all aspects of your online store. These shoppers are specifically trained on your website, and are often instructed to make a purchase in order to gauge the entire customer experience for retailers. This often includes, but is not limited to, the following key issues:

1. Evaluating the accessibility of your website and the ease of finding selected items

2. Evaluating the methods of contacting the company, whether it be via email, live chat, or telephone, which includes the speed of response, wait times, and knowledge/helpfulness of staff

3. The ease of making a purchase on the website – are any areas not working properly, is there a part of the purchase process that is hanging up, confusing, or otherwise hindering sales?

4. Monitoring the delivery process – are items delivered as expected and on time? If there is a delay in delivery, was this communicated with the customer?

5. Evaluating problem resolution – mystery shoppers can complete the experience by contacting the company, either via email or telephone, with a problem or concern to evaluate how issues are resolved.

Using a mystery shopping program to evaluate the above will give you a unique, objective perspective and allow you to pinpoint areas that need improvement to increase sales and customer traffic. The cost for online programs is generally lower than traditional, onsite mystery shopping, and the benefits are just as great. Programs are customized to evaluate any aspects of the online shopping experience and can range from a full evaluation that includes a purchase, return, and problem resolution to more simplified programs, whether the focus center around making a purchase or contacting a customer service representative by email or telephone. Coupling the mystery shopping reports with analytical reports will give you the extra edge in maintaining strong revenue and staying ahead of the competition this holiday season.

Black Snow Boots Are Perfect for Those With an Active Lifestyle

Those who live an active life never cease to seek fun in their life and the pursuit of happiness or anything fun is the very enjoyment. When a lifetime process contains a rich variety of experiences and feelings, your mindset determines your feel, or rather lifestyle. Regardless of all possible suffering and pains, many people like me choose to live with an optimistic mindset and that really heralds a lot of fun and endless entertainments in various forms set in.

When chilly winter is in full swing and bitter cold winds are blowing and the grounds are covered with piles and piles of white snow, such romantic but really harsh cold weather would be never the obstacle for those active people to walk out as fun chasers. It is an honor to go trekking over mountains with snowy peaks and the success will enhance their self-respect and self-confidence. Thus a pair of snow shoes in ultimate is essential.

All outdoor enthusiasts require quality shoes, which are durable and give you high performance. Browsing through the available choices in the market, black snow boots would be the ever-reliable boot option as black shades are ever the tempting hue to exude whatever you like to express. With time, the needs of the people have changed and so has the shoes to cater to the needs and demands of its clients. These snow boots will help you to enjoy the hiking trip even in snowy weather. There are various snow boots for men, women as well as kids. These snow boots will keep you always from aching feet with blisters and comfortable and warm feel is ever the cocooning enjoyment in these boots.

Whether you are walking, jogging, or running, these snow boots will be your perfect choice for an active lifestyle during cold winter months. These shoes are made to be durable, fashionable, water-proof, warm, comfortable and supportive. The water-resistant rubber sole is light-weighted and it offers a strong grip on icy grounds and enough traction for every step. Some designs are added on the portion of ankle for more support and thus these boots provide you a great shelter for your feet in snow and keep your every toe comfortable and warm. These shoes are also high on style and fashion quotient. Hence, you can wear them with any casual outfit you like for a style statement.

Black snow boots never fail to underline your fashion-savvy tastes or comfort your toes in the snow. These stylish, comfortable yet supportive boots are your optimal choice to boost your active lifestyle.

What Do You Need to Know About Women’s Accessories

Women’s accessories are very essential to add finesse, class and style to an outfit. Even the best and expensive clothes of high end brands look incomplete without accessories. The perfect dress bought for a special evening can make you look elegant and complete with fashionable accessories. Women’s accessories include women’s fragrances, women’s wallets, women’s jewellery, women’s handbags, women’s watches, women’s belts and women’s sunglasses.

Fashionable women’s accessories can turn heads anywhere. Unfortunately most women do not give much importance to fashionable women’s accessories instead they spend hours shopping for clothes. Accessories are not just a style statement but are useful in a fashionable and classic style. For instance, women’s wallets, handbags, watches, shoes provide a realistic purpose in a unique and classic style.

Women’s handbags are very practical and aesthetically attractive available in different sizes, styles, shapes and colours with adjustable handles. Clutch wallets are becoming increasingly popular among women. Many women match the colour of their purse with their dress for a more complete look.

However, black purses and leather purses always look classic and work with any outfit. Fabric bags look good in solids, while straw bags look natural and simple, and give a perfect look with any summer outfit. Mulberry, Prada, Gucci, Coach, Fendi, Chloe, Tods Bag, Marc Jacobs handbags are very popular brands.

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Probably, one of the most essential women’s accessories is jewellery that will never go out of fashion. Women of all ages and races absolutely love jewellery. For centuries women have been wearing gold and artificial jewellery.

There are several kinds of women’s jewellery available to go well with any dress. Jewellery includes anklets, rings, ear rings, bracelets, cocktail rings, necklaces, and body jewellery. Jewellery is essential for brides in particular which makes them look elegant and beautiful. Many bracelets and necklaces have unique pieces of stones engraved on them.

Taking care of feet is very important, wearing something comfortable and relaxing is important for your feet. Women’s shoes for both formal and informal wear are available in all styles and colours to go with any dress. Shoes for women include, boots, high heels, pumps, trainers, flip flops, flats, etc. High heels shoes are worn by many women, adding an extra inch or two in height.

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The No! No! Hair Removal Phenomenon Explained

Beauty is now dictated by fashion gurus and trendy celebrities who have set the standard to be exact and very detailed. Take for example, The removal of body and facial hair. Body hair in certain areas is acceptable in men, but unacceptable in women. Woe then to the woman who inherits more genes from a hairy father than from her mother. She is destined to be ridiculed or felt to be less than a desirable woman.

A woman can go against this standard, or find ways to work out of the “problem.” This would mean looking for hair ablation methods, hair removal creams, or machines that reduce body and facial hair. Take your pick because with so many methods available,women (and men) who find themselves in this situation will gaze in wonder at the beauty section in the pharmacy, department store, or even supermarket which is teeming with all kinds of hair eradication products.

And now, there’s the convenient internet where new products can be found that are not available anywhere else, Items like the no! no! hair removal system. The no! no! hair treatment uses the patented hand-held hair eradication machine that has been certified to be 100% safe and effective. It will reduce the amount of body and facial hair without the side effects like rashes, redness, inflammation, ingrown hair, and razor cuts.

Without having to pay for hair reducing services in a hair ablation clinic, you get to keep your money. Buying the No! No! hair removal system will only cost a fraction of what you will spend on laser removal of hair or electrolysis, and you get to own unit to use whenever you please. Currently, the No! No! hair removal system is being recognized to as the best hair removal option for men and women who have tried it all, and remain disappointed and hairy.

Cost aside for this No! No! hair removal system, it is the high level performance and durability of this hair removal device that keeps users happy. With an astounding 94% reduction on hair growth, you can’t find anything better. However, you can test it yourself if you want. The 60 day trial offer will be enough time for you to determine if it works or not. Women and men suffering through life with excessive hair growth are now seeing light, and appreciating value for money with the No! No! hair system.